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young children on lab coats doing chemistry experiment

Knowledge of Science matters!


There has been no time in our recent history as the present, that the knowledge and understanding of science have been more relevant, as the world is experiencing the COV-19 Pandemic, research shows that scientific knowledge has a prophylactic effect. Scientific research shows that “Science knowledge helps individuals convert information into knowledge about the coronavirus.

This knowledge then helps individuals avoid unreasonable behavior. Individuals lacking coronavirus knowledge and science knowledge still act reasonably when they have a general trust in medicine. Both trusts in medicine and knowledge are crucial factors for individuals to act reasonably, and avoid unreasonable behavior. Individuals with low knowledge or trust tend to engage in unreasonable behavior. Facilitating science knowledge and reasonable trust in medicine through education and targeted public health messages are likely to be of fundamental importance for bringing crises such as the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic under control.” (Sailer, et.al 2020)

As the world is embarking on a vaccine cure to halt the coronavirus pandemic, young people will be witness to the power of science. As childhood and adolescence are fast-paced developmental phases, early science education is fundamentally crucial in developing a life-long understanding and value of science.