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Group of children with teacher on field trip in nature, learning science.

Next generation of stewards of Earth

Building a Generation that will be ‘Stewards of the Earth’

Another goal of Science Akadémeia is to teach children about their environment and the impact humans have on the environment. Our goal is for them to understand their responsibility for taking care of the environment and their role as part of a large interdependent ecosystem on earth. Our science curriculum will include Life sciences, which will involve the study of living and non-living things, Earth sciences, Space, and Physical sciences. Our outdoor STEM classroom will provide the laboratory space where children will study the characteristics of plants and animals and what plants and animals need to grow. Children will observe the appearance and behavior of a variety of plants and animals and identify similarities and differences and collect data.

Students will learn to describe properties of materials, color, shape, texture, size, and weight, identify materials that make up familiar objects, describe ways to rethink, reuse, reduce, refuse, and recycle, tell the difference between solids, liquids, and gases and use a variety of objects and describe their properties. Children will learn to recognize the changes in the environment due to the four seasons and collect data on daily weather changes and recognize weather patterns.
Our goal at Science Akadémeia is to explore the wonders of the outdoors with children and teach them about the trees, the leaves, the little creatures, and the streams, with the hope of garnering respect and appreciation for the environment that will last a lifetime. By planting the seed early of knowledge of the environment we hope that we are creating the next generation of stewards of the planet we all call home.